"Tom was great on getting my charges dismissed."
    I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone who needs legal representation.
    - Marie
    "We had a stressful situation with our daughter resolved very easily."
    Everybody was very helpful and walked us through the process. The outcome was better than we could have expected.
    - Sally
    "Awesome lawyers office, I used them for my first original charge."
    My lawyer was able to get rid of the revoke and keep the act 347 in order so my first felonies would stay off my record.
    - Jane
    "Tom was on top of the ball anytime I needed to know something."
    He told me everything I needed to know an explained anything I didn't understand. 
    - Previous Client
    "I would highly recommend hiring Tom Marks"
    Mr. Tom Marks is a very knowledgeable attorney and I am very pleased with the outcome of my case.
    - Letty
    "His presence in the court room was remarkable!"
    The attorney paid attention to the details, believed I was innocent, tried the case, and won.
    - Chuck
    "Tom did an awesome job for me and got my charges dismissed."
    Their fees are very reasonable and everyone at the office is very friendly.
    - David
    "D.W.I. Dismissed"
    My lawyer Tom Marks was able to talk to the arresting officer as to what his statement was going to be on the stand, as to whether he believed me to be intoxicated or not.
    - Don
    "My case was handled very professionally and the result was better than I expected"
    The firm and my attorney made a terrible situation painless
    - G Jordan
    "Assault Investigation"

    On July 10th 2019 at around 4 pm I received a phone call from one of north west Arkansas police departments regarding a very serious assault and battery case that could've been a lot of trouble for me had I not had the proper attorney to be there to help me clear up the waters that we're getting ever so muddy. At 21 years old and being on felony probation it doesn't take much for someone like me to end up in a bad situation with law enforcement or to be incarcerated for something I didn't do. On July 10th I was called to the Bella vista police department and asked to come up there and speak with them on an assault case I was involved in the call took place at around 4pm and I try to make it a rule not to talk to law enforcement without legal council but at that time of night what are the chances you can get a lawyer on the phone to address a situation like that and as if reading my mind my mother told me to call her attorney Jonathan Nelson. I googled his phone number and he picked up and at the crack of a whip dropped everything he was doing asked me to come up to his office and explain the situation before going to the police department and I did just that. I explained what happened and asked Jon to please go with me up there and represent me. And with out question he closed down his office looked me in my eye told me not to worry about a thing because he had my back and followed us to the PD to answer questions. He was very informative walked me through the whole process before we ever even went inside gave me a full walk through on the do's and do nots then walked side by side with me into the police station. We sat down with the officer Jon handled every question and cautiously guided me through the investigation. The crazy thing was the whole thing was in such short notice he had less then 45 minutes to prepare for the it but watching him handle the situation it was like he'd been working this case his whole life. You can truly tell he sits back and sifts through every detail on both sides of the table and has a counter move for what ever they are trying to hit you with. Walking in with Jon I felt as if I had a personal shield to defend me against whatever they wanted to charge me with and 20 minutes after walking in we walked right back out of that police department side by side and he acted like it was a walk in the park. When I say at the crack of a whip this man was there to defend me and that he dropped everything to do so I truly mean it. Jon cares about his clients and they're rights and freedom and I would recommend him to anyone to handle any case. He's reliable he cares and he knows the laws and your rights backwards and front. If you. Want someone who's going to memorize every fact on both sides and who is going to organize an incredible defense for you with out a doubt I would recommend him for any case no matter how big or small. Jon I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me yesterday you have no idea what it means to me and my family. You truly are one of the best.

    - Charles
    "Johnathan Is a Life Saver"
    Johnathan Nelson really helped me out and educated and explained all my questions and concerns ! I recommend him if your ever in a situation where he's needed! He made me feel at ease and taken care of.
    - Harvey
    "Theft Case Dismissed!"

    Once again Jon came to my rescue! When I was charged with a bizarre charge of Theft of Services for a box with my name being found in a dumpster, Jon was more than willing to work through the evidence and get my case dismissed. He was more than happy work with my inability to make certain court dates due to my husband's illness and work with me on my payments, etc. Please take my advise and see Jon for any legal advise you may need.

    - Sarah
    "Jon is a badass!"

    I was charged with misdemeanor Drug Paraphernalia. Jon and Jessica worked hard to get great outcome. They were able to keep my charge off my record and make sure I have no DL suspension or jail time. I would recommend this firm and this team for anything you may need.

    - Calvin
    "Best Attorney Around"

    After hearing amazing things about the lawyers at Norwood, I decided to find out for myself. Jon was very helpful and thorough through out my whole case. Answered every question I had, and just handled everything amazingly. My case was dropped. No charges, no fines, and nothing on my record. I highly recommend Jon.

    - Cindy
    "Awesome Attorney"

    I was charged with misdemeanor Possession of a Controlled Substance. Got me a follow up court date in a year. Was expecting a worse outcome but it all turned out great. Highly recommend.

    - Phillip
    "All Charges Dropped"

    I was charged with DWI 2nd offense, Careless Driving, No Insurance and Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test. Jon made every effort he could to get the best outcome possible. The officer involved in my case had been terminated due to negligence. Jon was able to use this information to get all charges against me completely DROPPED and DISMISSED!!

    - Rick J.
    "Angel in a Blazer"

    I got caught with possession of a controlled substance, and many of my friends recommended Norwood and Norwood. Mr. Nelson never failed to make us feel confident that he would get our case worked out. My co defendant's case was dismissed, and mine was on advisement, which ended as favorably as it could. We did not have to fight it or even see the judge, we just got a plea deal practically as soon as he walked into the door. 5/5, would recommend to anyone.

    - Lisa
    "Feels Like Victory Walking Down the Halls of Norwood and Norwood"

    Whenever my codefendant and I first got arrested for possession of a controlled substance, we were very scared, confused, and uncertain. We went and saw Norwood and Norwood, and they were very professional and provided us with peace of mind. They act more like a friend or a teammate, rather than an employee/someone you hired, as they're on your side and hear you out from the very beginning. They tolerate no BS, and will work with you on your case until they figure something out, for us, the case was dismissed altogether.

    - Blake
    "Possession of Controlled Substance"

    Jon had my charges reduced from PCS to a lesser charge of Drug Paraphernalia and I only had to pay a small fine. I was worried about losing my DL and going to jail but he was able to keep all of that from happening and keep this charge off of my record. Jon and Jessica are an awesome team!!

    - Lester

    So, I was pulled over one night picking friends up from from drinking and on the way home i saw the blue lights. i was pulled over for texting and driving and then they gave me a DWI. I was not texting and driving. when they were going over everything with me they told me that i was being charged with drug charges for having an empty bag on me with nothing in it. After almost a full year and countless court dates. John along with others proved that i was not texting and drive nor drunk. In which all my charges were dropped and i am one happy camper. Thank you for all the hard work.

    - Peter

    I am a local business man and I was in the unfortunate position of being wrongfully charged with felony sexual assault. Everyone here from the receptionist to Mr. Norwood himself has your back. I was always made to feel comfortable and not in fear of being judge by my attorney. They always gave me the benefit of the doubt. The attorneys, Doug, Tom, and Jon were always there to answer any questions and let me know what is going on with the case. Paula, the caseworker, was always there to mediate between myself and the attorneys, My attorneys believed me from the beginning and were willing to take my case all the way to a jury trial and we WON!! I don't know what in the world I would have done without this firm.

    - Robin W.
    "Possession Charge Dropped"

    I got pulled over and charged with a misdemeanor possession charge. Every attorney, even the secretary were all extremely helpful and professional. Jon made me feel like he had everything under control from the minute I met with him. If I ever need legal representation in the future I will not hesitate to go to Norwood and Norwood.

    - Amy
    "Speeding Ticket PUA with CDL"

    I had a speeding ticket for 17 over and had a CDL. I could not have this ticket going on my record. Jon was able to negotiate with the Prosecutor and get the ticket under advisement which means not only will it not go on my driving record but will be dismissed in 1 year!! Thank you so much!!

    - Steven
    "Aggravated Assault"

    Was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault. Jon with Norwood and Norwood was able to reduce to a misdemeanor then dismiss the charge. No fines and no court fees. I would recommend Norwood and Norwood to anyone.

    - Charles
    "Great Lawyer"

    Had two drug charges, both of which ended up getting dismissed. He worked to get them removed and pulled some law id never even heard of. Great guy, great lawyer.

    - Jeremy
    "Assault Case Dismissed"

    I was charged with Domestic Assault in the 3rd Degree. I was facing jail time and lots of fines and court costs. Jon was able to convince the Prosecutor to not only lift the No Contact against the other party but completely dismiss the charges so no fines, costs, jail or anything.

    - Fred
    "Great and Very Helpful Attorney."

    I was charged with a misdemeanor assault charge and could have faced additional jail time. Jon spent the right amount of time working on my case. he went beyond my expectations and got me taken care of with out any further issues. My assault charge was dropped.

    - Brad
    "Highly recommend Jon for DWI"

    I was arrested for a dwi and Jon helped me through the entire process. He answered all of my questions and responded to messages very quickly. He was confident that we would do well at trial, and I trusted him. It paid off very well because my case was dismissed. I couldn't be happier with Jon and the results of my trial. Would highly recommend his services.

    - Melissa
    "DWI Dismissed"

    I am very pleased with the work ethic of Jonathon and Jessica . They worked very hard to get my DWI charges dismissed. Awesome attorney!

    - Eric
    "Domestic Battery Dismissed!!"

    I was charged with misdemeanor Domestic Battery. Jon was able to get the charges against me dismissed so I didn't even have to pay a fine. Thank you!

    - Mark
    "Possession Case Dismissed"

    I was charged with procession & drug paraphernalia. When I paid Norwood to represent me in my case, John was able to help keep the possession charge off my record if I stay on track. This was a humongous help for me thanks to John!

    - Victor
    "Good Attorney"

    Helped me out with my drug paraphernalia charge, possession charge, and DUI by lessening the possession charge which made things cheaper and also helped me out with not getting my license suspended for another 6 months.

    - Floyd
    "Thanks Jon Nelson the Greatest!!!"

    Jon is the greatest to work with, he is always going the extra mile.

    He helped me in saving my business and lively hood, against insurmountable odds.

    Thank You Jon!

    - Cris
    "DWI Dismiss"

    I was charged with a dwi, DRUNK!! hired these lawyers and they helped in everyway to get it taking care of, now all my charges got dropped from there hard work couldn't ask for a better lawyer

    - George
    "Great Attorney"

    I was charged with speeding and driving on a suspended and obstruction of operations. he got all my jail time suspended and i didn't even have to see the judge. great guy and helped me every step of the way i would recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney!!!

    - Jason
    "Greatest attorney ever!"

    I have used several different attorneys in the past and Mr. Nelson is by far my "go to" guy. His thought processes and unique approach to my cases has been most effective, efficient, and outstanding as far as results. Utmost respect for Mr. Nelson and the Norwood firm. They are all invited to my next family barbecue!!!

    - Samuel
    "Great attorney! Friendly and Professional!"

    Charged with DWI and Reckless Driving. Found Not Guilty on both.

    - Anonymous
    "Incredible Attorney!!!"

    this is my second drug charge ive had john from norwood handle. i wouldn't trust anyone else with this type of business. he is excellent at his profession and i couldn't recommend anyone more. he got both charges dropped completely, nothing on my record, never had to talk to the judge or prosecutor. thanks to him and the norwood team i never had to worry or stress out about anything, john always has an answer and a plan of action. again i could not be happier with my experience with john and everyone else at norwood and norwood.

    - Trevor
    "All charges dismissed!"

    I was ordered to pass drug tests. I tested positive for marijuana twice and meth. I was charged with contempt of court and the Judge threatened me with jail. I hired Jon and we fought the charge. After trial, I was found not guilty of everything! I would highly recommend that you call Jon if you are ever charged with anything. Jon is now my attorney for life!

    - Jeff
    "In need of an attorney? Hire Jon Nelson!!"

    Jon Nelson is fantastic!! Charges were handled quickly, discreetly, and very professionally. His fee was very affordable with a realistic payment plan. In the end, my charges were dismissed! I could not ask for a better outcome . . . Thank you Jon!

    - Jenny
    "Outstanding Professional Legal Council"
    I live four hours away from Rogers Arkansas. Jon Nelson coordinated all the details of my case limiting the number of trips required for my attendance. Jon scheduled meetings with updates over the phone when items required discussion. Jon completed a professional and complete evaluation of the facts in the case providing excellent legal council. During my first court appearance I watched Jon defend another client during a trial. He provided an outstanding defense with the defendant being found not guilty. When my trial arrived Jon communicated all the details and steps clearly through the process. Jon communicated with the prosecutor prior to my scheduled trial regarding the facts in the case. The prosecutor agreed to drop all charges after discussing facts in the case with Jon. Jon is an outstanding lawyer with unparalleled experience. I recommend Jon to anyone requiring legal council for a DUI or DWI offense. I could not have hired a better lawyer.
    - Joe
    "Driving on Suspended DL (DWI)"

    Jon worked hard to come to an agreement with the prosecutor to amend the charge and got me a sentence with no jail time. Great job!!!

    - James
    "Jon Nelson, A Man You Can Trust"
    When I found myself with a DWI case, I was scared and didn't know what to do. But once I hired Jon, his confidence and personal care on my case alleviated all of my worries. Jon made sure the facts were all laid out to see, and I was found not guilty at the trial! You can trust Jon with your case.
    - Jay
    "Jon's a Pro"

    Jon is charismatic, knows the nuances of the law as it pertains to your case, has a strong reputation in the local legal community and truly cares/fights hard for his clients. He is an asset, and I consider myself lucky to have had him represent me. This is my first (and hopefully only) experience with the law, but was very impressed.

    Jon did everything in his power to arrive at a great conclusion for me, once I mustered up the courage to accept the worst and finally attack the egregious charges head on. Thankfully, I never had to meet with anyone from the opposing side and my charge was effectively dropped in the final hour, apparently extremely atypical for Fayetteville.

    It's a scary situation when the veracity of police testimony/ethics is taken as gospel when it is anything but. It's even scarier when you have respected legal figures backing them to the hilt and are not local to the state. With that said, I'd underscore that you should consider yourself lucky to have Jon and the Norwood team on your side. It is extremely challenging month after month, but have faith in his ability to get the best possible outcome for you. Anything you can provide to help him out is advisable, beyond being clearly innocent of course.

    Thanks so much Jon!

    - Isaac

    Jon was very communicative, understanding and sympathetic in regards to my case. He was very prompt, thorough and well informed with the laws and details related to my case. I felt as though Jon went above and beyond to rectify any and everything he could with the prosecutor and am pleased with the outcome. I would gladly recommend and refer Jon to other clients.

    - Erik
    My wife and I got into a dispute. It escalated into several things getting broken. I got arrested. Jon Nelson made me feel at ease for court and trial days, and my case is getting dismissed.
    - Josiah
    "Great Attorney"

    He is very helpful, nice, willing to fight for your case no matter what, and he never gives up. He got my case dropped from a driving on a suspended license for dwi to just a regular driving on a suspended license, which means I received no jail time.

    - Will
    "Great Attorney"
    He is very helpful, nice, willing to fight for your case no matter what, and he never gives up. He got my case dropped from a driving on a suspended license for dwi to just a regular driving on a suspended license, which means I received no jail time.
    - Will
    "Exceptional Attorney That Won My DWI"
    Jon Nelson is an exceptional attorney. I was charged with my second DWI and not only was he able to keep my license from getting suspended for two years but he also WON my DWI. I can tell Jon is an honest and knowledgeable attorney who's not afraid to fight for his clients! Thank you, Jon, for resolving my case so quickly!
    - Angel
    "Awesome Attorney, Polite and Compassionate"
    I had a very tricky possession charge. Jon clearly had my best interests in mind, and he negotiated a deal where my charge will be dismissed! I highly recommend Jon. Thank you very much Jon. Keep up your hard work!
    - Cynthia
    "DWI Victory"

    I was charged with DWI and three other charges. Jonathan Nelson not only kept me out of jail, but because of him, I was found not guilty of everything.

    - Tony
    "Drug Possession/Public Intox"

    Jon helped me out so much. He was able to keep all charges off of my record, and most importantly, he kept me out of jail. The outcome was everything I hoped for and more.

    - Anonymous
    "Charges Dropped!!"

    I was arrested on Labor Day weekend and blew .20. My blood also came back .20. With that and a reckless driving charge, I felt doomed. Mr. Nelson was very diligent in taking care of things for me. After 6 months, he called to say that the charges had all been dropped!!

    - Anonymous
    "Charges Dropped!!"

    I was arrested on Labor Day weekend and blew .20. My blood also came back .20. With that and a reckless driving charge, I felt doomed. Mr. Nelson was very diligent in taking care of things for me. After 6 months, he called to say that the charges had all been dropped!!

    - Anonymous
    "Ambiguous Traffic Accident"
    Mr. Nelson is very attentive and patient towards his clients. I consider myself high maintenance, but he made my case painless. The prosecutor originally wanted more than $3,000 in fines and restitution, but I ended up paying only $175!
    - Anonymous
    "Very Experienced and Knowledgeable"

    Jonathan handled my speeding ticket case with great expertise and knowledge. The case was resolved beyond all reasonable doubts in my favor and the case was dismissed! Thank you!!

    - Astin

    I was charged with possession of a controlled substance. The case was continued for six months, and I was never left out of the loop. Jon did an absolute stunning job of getting the fairest deal/outcome I could have wanted. Very professional. Very personable. Excellent service.

    - Jason
    "DWI Reduction"

    I was facing a DWI #2 plus 7 days in jail. Jon was able to get it dropped down to a DWI #1 and no jail time!

    - Tim
    "Public Intoxication Dismissed"

    Jonathan Nelson was very diligent in my particular case! He found all the facts he needed to ensure I did not have anything on my record that could affect my future endeavors. He made sure to get my opinion on the options and kept me well informed.

    - Colton
    "Kept me out of jail!"

    Jon used his knowledge of the law and managed to save me from doing any jail time. I should have done 10 days in jail. Thanks to Jon, I'm a free man.

    - Anonymous
    "Very honest and respectful and extremely understanding and easy to work with."

    Jon represented me on a probation revocation and several misdemeanor charges and did an excellent job. I have had a lot of bad past history with law enforcement so they are kind of fed up with me and Jon managed to avoid any jail time whatsoever and my felony revoke was completely dismissed. Of all lawyers I have used for various reasons Jon is by far the best at always keeping me in the loop and updated I could go on and on but I highly recommend Jon to anyone needing legal council. Very honest and respectful and extremely understanding and easy to work with.

    - Zach
    "Through out it all he treated me as a good person and never once made me feel like just another client."

    Because of Mr. Nelson’s hard work, I no longer feel let down by our judicial system. I emailed him on a whim after having the disappointment of an over worked public defender. And I must say that it was the best stoke of luck I have had so far. At the time, he was on vacation with his family and took time to contact me. From July to Oct. he took a felony charge that had been in the system for almost a year and dropped it down to a misdemeanor and promptly answered every one of my questions regardless of weather it had to do with my case or not. Showed compassion for my short comings and encouraged me to stay positive and continue working toward my goals despite my charges. Through out it all he treated me as a good person and never once made me feel like just another client. I will always be forever grateful to him and would recommend him to anyone who really needs someone on their side. I assure you that after hiring him you will feel like you won the lottery. I can not say enough wonderful things about just how amazing this man really is...

    - Lenna
    "A lifesaver!"
    I came to Jon last minute and he was a lifesaver. He made short work of my case and took a lot of pressure off me in a very short period of time. I really appreciate you Jon. Very professional and very responsive.
    - Stephen
    "Extremely professional!"

    Mr. Nelson is extremely professional. He accomplished everything I wanted in a timely manner. The end result was exactly how he explained to me on the first contact. He is very understanding and has an open ear and mind. You just need to communicate to Mr. Nelson and all will be fine.

    - Thomas