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Individuals facing sex crime charges have a lot to lose, but each case involves unique circumstances and both sides of the story need to be heard before any consequences are given. Due to the serious nature of sex offenses, those charged might be fearful of not only the loss of employment opportunities, but also the overall stigma attached to this type of crime. Whatever the case, everyone is innocent until proven a guilty, and everyone deserves to have their rights defended.

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What Are Some Common Sex Crimes?

Sex crimes in Arkansas encompass several offenses, including:

  • Internet sex crimes
  • Indecent exposure
  • Child pornography
  • Rape
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How Do I Defend Against a Sex Charge?

One of the best options for pursuing a fair outcome in a sex crimes case is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Whether you have been charged with indecent exposure or aggravated sexual assault, a lawyer can evaluate all aspects of your specific case in order to challenge any evidence against you. Our team uses years of experience to help clients fight these charges and avoid the extremely severe consequences of a conviction.

What Are Some Defense Strategies Against Sex Crimes?

In Arkansas, as in most states, those convicted of a sex crime are required to register as a sex offender in a public online database. Being registered in this database could impact where you can work, live, and more. In order to produce an effective defense strategy to protect you from the sex offender registry, your attorney should thoroughly investigate every detail possible. This may include scientific and physical evidence such as DNA, phone or computer records, and eyewitnesses.

Sex crime charges can cause emotions to run high for all parties, and the facts can be distorted. It is your lawyer’s job to separate fact from fiction and ensure that any exaggeration of the events does not impact the outcome of the case.

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