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Federal crimes charges are considered much more serious than state charges and are therefore handled by the U.S. Government’s court system, which differs from the legal procedures under state law. These cases are generally categorized as felonies and may be tried before a federal judge and jury. The complex legalities of the federal legal system can be difficult to comprehend, leaving those charged with a federal crime under extreme stress and confusion.

Examples of federal offenses include crimes such as:

Although being indicted by the U.S. government can cause much anxiety, take comfort in knowing that you do not have to handle this situation alone. With our strong attention to detail and years of experience in criminal defense law, We provide our clients with the personal and empathetic touch needed to navigate complex federal court cases. You can count on Nelson & Marks PLLC for all your criminal defense needs.

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When facing charges of this magnitude, hiring an attorney with knowledge and experience in the U.S. Government’s justice system is paramount. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are formal and strict, and only a skilled attorney will be able to successfully navigate the intricacies of this court system.

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When you hire us for legal counsel regarding your federal crimes charge, you receive both the personal attention and availability that are often lacking in large law firms. With access to our personal cell phones, you will not be left in the dark wondering what is going on with your case. As a skilled federal crimes attorneys in Bentonville, we are known for having a strong moral compass, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the attention they deserve.

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